Edorso participates in start-up Community of Prosthetic Practice

Anthony Rombach

During the World ISPO Congress 2015 in Lyon the CoPP (Community of Prosthetic Practice ) has officially been launched.Together with Arjen Bergsma, Bram Sterke (Holland) and Nur Azuh (Malaysia) and Liezel Wegner (South Africa).In close collaboration  Edorso has made a step towards the start-up of a community that will have the aim to do more for amputees in developmental countries.’ Everybody on earth should be able to move freely and independantly.’ The community of  approximately 58 members will investigate former projects  and develop prosthetics made of local materials (as much as possible) and develop manuals in close colllaboration with G.A.T.E , the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (WHO) for healthcare workers. CoPP will get time and physical space at World Congresses to share information and her progress. After many years of attempts a dream has come true! More news will follow on this exciting subject.