Orthotic Courses

Here you can find a variety in orthotic courses. Every course has a number and you can add the specific parts A,B,C, etc. to every course you want to order / invite. So all courses are tailor made. If you have other requests please include them on the register form in the open space. If you click on the course number you will get the necessary information about the specific course.


  1. Foot Orthoses (FO), Inlays and orthotic devices for the feet
  2. Neurological treatment and orthotic appliance: AFO’s (ankle –foot orthosis), KAFO’s (knee-ankle-foot orthosis) and HKFO’s (hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis)
  3. Arm- Hand splinting courses (low temperature and durable hand orthoses / contraction management / stroke management / dynamic hand orthosis, e.g.)
  4. Helmet technology and masks: protection helmets in case of epilepsy or postoperative treatment of head injuries.
  5. Mask treatment in case of post-operative facial burn care. (Scar treatment / management)

(All course can include all items or parts / combinations of the following)

A.  Measurement
B.  Casting techniques
C.  Fabrication techniques
D.  Fitting
E.  Gait analysis
F.  Monitoring and evaluation

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