Edorso has also started making e-learning programs in close collaboration with Handicap International. Three courses have been established in close collaboration with the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) and Handicap International.

‣ Course 1. Orthotic courseware

The first course is named Orthotic courseware. A course specifically designed for upcoming physiotherapists and all who want to broaden their knowledge on orthotics and orthotic appliance. This is a complete Course which will give you a direct result after accomplishing the examination involving several cases.

The course comprises a baseline knowledge module, a module with practical cases and an examination module.

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‣ Course 2. Prosthetic course on Amputation, gait analysis and gait training

All about history taking, residual stump care, fitting techniques, biomechanical principles, decision making, gait analysis and gait training.

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‣ Course 3. Prosthetic course on Ischial Ramal Containment

This course deals with biomechanical principles in IRC, taking measurements and socket design, static and dynamic fitting, gait analysis and a comparison between Quadrilateral and IRC socket management.

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All courses have tests to challenge your knowledge and skills.

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