Courses & E-Learning

Edorso has the vision to enable workshops and training in a way that all knowledge and experience will become sustainable over a longer time frame.

Edorso offers orthotic and prosthetic courses for technicians and paramedical personnel like physiotherapists, rehabilitation doctors, occupational therapists and nurses. Besides these technical courses Edorso has other courses like Client-centred interviewing.

All courses are tailor made and adjusted to the environment or specific situation and resources. So they can be established for different durations and different objectives. Involvement of appropriate technology is possible, especially in CBR development.

All courses have the aim to share knowledge because this is always the fact in life when one is teaching. Besides the face-to-face courses in orthotics and prosthetics Edorso has E-learning programs to offer. There will be a course Orthotic Courseware , build in close cooperation with the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (European school of Physiotherapy). This course has been esblished for all personnel working with orthotics like physiotherapists and occupational therapists.  There are also two prosthetic courses that have been established together with Handicap International:  Amputation, gait analysis and gait training a large course comprising history taking , stump treatment , socket design , fitting , gait analysis and gait training. The second course is a course on Ischial Containment. Both courses are meant for paramedical personnel and in specific for technicians working with amputees.

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