Orthotics and Prosthetics are very specialized fields. In many cases the orthopedic services are underestimated. Besides the many skills it is quite a challenge take measurements, fabricate and deliver adequate technical solutions in countries where recourses are low and education is minimal while the demand is high. In the Western world it can be a challenge as well. There are rapidly changing techniques, high tech components, new materials and ever evolving standards of care. In addition, new rules and regulations for government payers and third party managed care continually complicate these fields.


Edorso therefor offers assistance to deal with these issues. With a broad experience in paramedical care meaning Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Orthopedics. In most cases the staff of Edorso can bring solutions and ideas towards:

  • Capacity building in the orthopedic field
  • Specific technical knowledge and training for healthcare workers in O&P
  • Or requests in other areas or healthcare settings. As such the staff of Edorso is familiar with Train the Trainer concepts as a result of assistance in China, Indonesia and Africa


Edorso has strong links with universities like the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and in specific the European school for Physiotherapy (ESP). Research and student participation is accessible and inevitable in order to keep up with the evolving (paramedical) healthcare professions.
Like mentioned in the mission and vision Edorso is very willing to perform field visits to establish an evaluation with recommendations for further significant development.

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